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Border between Iran, Turkey open

ICCAIR- IRNA – Bazargan Customs Director-General, referring to some baseless rumors, said that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s border with Turkey is open at this point and there is no problem in commuting of passenger or truck.  

In an interview with IRNA correspondent, Sadeq Namdar stated that Maku Health Network staff are in charge of passenger control around the clock and there are similar health controls across the border.

He emphasized that special measures to prevent coronavirus epidemic were adopted at the Gorboulagh border crossing and applicants for entry into Turkey from Iran are examined by a doctor and three nurses.

These health controls have been agreed by Iran and Turkey, and commuting of passenger buses and trucks will continue without restrictions, he said.

According to IRNA, Bazargan Customs and Maku city are located near the Iranian border with Turkey and Azerbaijan and the lengths of the Islamic Republic’s borders in this region and with these countries are 130 and 140 kilometers, respectively.

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