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Internally-produced imported parts save over $2 billion

ICCAIR- IRNA – Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade announced that the value of previously imported and now domestically manufactured parts over $2 billion.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to Iran’s Technical and Engineering Capabilities Exhibition on Imam Khomeini Grand Mosalla, Reza Rahmani added that the main solution to the country’s major problems, including youth unemployment, currency dependence, inflation, market regulation, etc. are the boom of production.

He emphasized that support for domestic production should be the centerpiece of policies and stated that other policies must be coordinated and regulated.

The Minister of Industry, Mine and Commerce expressed satisfaction on the production growth and said that last year, according to the Central Bank, negative growth in industry group was 12.5 percent, but in January it showed a positive trend of 2.3 percent.

Rahmani said one of the main reasons for the positive growth of the industry group has been its focus on manufacturing boom.

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